NELSON 20 Zero Emission

Nelson Motor Yachts are currently building the ‘Nelson 20’ tailored to your specification –
including fit out options, propulsion types electric & diesel

When Commander Peter Thornycroft, who lived in Bembridge on the Isle of Wight, took over ‘Keith Nelson & Company’ he started to produce the Keith Nelson 18s which were wooden clinker built harbour launches. These were being produced alongside the early wooden Keith Nelson Motor Yachts such as the 23, 26 and 30.

The 18 foot long launches were soon in great demand and when John Askham joined Keith Nelson & Company (and later, ‘TT Boat Designs’) as Commander Thornycroft’s Naval Architect in 1961, one of his first jobs was to re-design the ‘Keith Nelson 18’ so that it could be reproduced in, the then very new, GRP (polyester) material – see John’s ‘Keith Nelson 18’ drawing 12b below. Both companies ran alongside one another, under the Commander’s control.

The origins of the company name ‘Keith Nelson & Company’ were from Keith Butt and Arthur Nelson Compton, both Bembridge boat builders, who formed the limited company with an amalgamation of their two names. Thereafter the boats built at the yard were called Keith Nelsons (KN for short) and later this name became the legendary ‘NELSON’ brand.

Ideal uses:

Marina Operators

Yacht Club safety vessel

Harbour, estuary or river launch

Harbour Master, Conservancy or Workboat

Inland Waterways support or Charter vessel


  • Very manoeuvrable, with great pulling power from Twin electric drives
  • Easy to tow boats alongside or aft
  • Long Endurance – Up to 16 hours on one charge
    Easy to charge from any standard 16A Marina mains socket
  • Marine specification Lithium Batteries for safety & long life
  • Stable work platform
  • Safety Non-slip decking throughout
  • Safe & easy access via boarding platform and ladder
  • All round Protective ‘D’ fendering – Protects your customers boats
  • Heavy duty commercial specification hull and deck, for tough environments
  • Low maintenance Electric drives
  • Copper-coated hull, needs no antifouling
  • Part of the proven Nelson range of Pilot & Workboats from TT Boat Designs
  • Individually built by Craftsmen

Safety Rating

  • RCD category C – up to 8 people
  • Certified to the latest MCA Workboat code of practice